Water Damage Restoration: Maximizing Drying Efficiency with DriForce

Recovering from a flood goes beyond simply sopping up the standing water left behind. Water can seep into hard to reach and impossible to see interstitial spaces like wall cavities and crawl spaces.  Not drying these spaces adequately can lead to both structural damages and mold growth which can impact the indoor air quality of your home which negatively affects occupants in the home.  This is why it is so important to hire a professional Water Damage Restoration company to, at a minimum, perform an inspection using infrared thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters so that you know the depth of the damage left behind that can otherwise go overlooked simply by sight.


There is no one-size-fit-all solution when it comes to water damage restoration so beyond hiring an IICRC Certified professional water damage restoration company, you also want to be sure you are working with a contractor who treats every flood as if it were their own and who works to identify a scope of work aimed at both MINIMIZING drying time and MAXIMIZING cost efficiency by bringing down overall project costs.

For the purposes of minimizing drying times and specifically targeting water damaged building materials, the Injectidry system is incredibly helpful. Here, our Mitigation Technician Noah selected a drying set up utilizing the Injectidry System to dry a kitchen ceiling that was impacted by a toilet overflow from directly above.

Without the targeted set up and using more traditional drying methods with JUST air movers—which dries surfaces— and dehumidifiers— which dries or pulls the liquid from the air in the room— the area where water is trapped behind building materials in the ceiling could be missed or not dried at optimal efficiency. 

The DriForce Injectidry set up (all those tubes in the ceiling) allows us to reach the wet areas without extensive demolition of building materials which, again, allows us to maximize drying efficiency while minimizing overall repair costs.

With the Injectidry or DriForce set up utilized in the Water Damage Restoration process we are able to:


  1. Specifically target hot air from the dehumidifier to the water damaged area which minimizes overall drying time
  2. Lower over-all repair costs without the need for major reconstruction
  3. Get our customers back into their impacted living spaces faster

If you’ve experienced a flood or water loss event in your home and you either need emergency flood response OR if you’re simply interested in a professional inspection by our IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration experts, please give us a call or fill out a quote form on this page today!

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